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4 Jan 2009, Comments (6)

Holiday Reading

Author: Helen

Down Under Feminists Carnival

While I’m still too busy doing other things, check out the latest Downunder Feminists’ carnival, brought to you by Stephiepenguin.

Oh, and in other news, Exploding boy finds my blog. I’ve been told.

7 Jul 2008, Comments Off on Second downunder feminists carnival in a strange land

Second downunder feminists carnival in a strange land

Author: Helen

Already the second downunder Feminists Carnival is up, actually has been for days. It’s hosted by Deborah of In a Strange Land.

logo links to Down Under Feminists Carnival website

I’m related to various Kiwi expats, so I’m glad to find In a Strange Land. As an Adelaide expat myself I agree it can be strange. They call an old-fashioned convenience store a “deli”, whereas everywhere else on the planet a “deli” is a speciality shop with smallgoods and cheeses. I have to say, though, that calling that kind of shop a “dairy” (NZ) is pretty weird, too.

The Carnival showcases lots of Kiwi and other southern-hemisphere writers who are new to me, so my eyeballs will be well occupied for some time to come.

Just read!

24 Jun 2006, Comments Off on 17th Carnival of Feminists

17th Carnival of Feminists

Author: Helen

Now up at Bitch|Lab.

19 Apr 2006, Comments Off on So little time, so much to blog

So little time, so much to blog

Author: Helen

Aaaie. I had some time off over the Festival of Chocolate, but spent it reading rather than writing.

Here’s some things I want to tell people about:

I tuned into RN and heard Natalie of Philobiblion being interviewed! if you don’t know her blog, check it out. The post I’ve linked to has a link to a podcast.

Now if someone as busy as that can make the time to blog as well as she does, why the hell can’t I?

Natalie mentioned there’s a new Carnival of the Feminists on. I’ve been slack about linking to that, so here is where it’s going to be posted sometime today. The theme is “Feminism and Challenges – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

And in other news, as they say, the sisterinlaw is going pretty good. They’ve put back the bone flap they took out of her skull in order to operate on the aneurysm (which they were keeping in a fridge next to the mouldy yoghurt, according to her SO, but I wouldn’t mind betting people really do put their yoghurt in there.) Just as importantly, the tracheotomy has been taken out.. and she’s talking!

A bit of slurring, but not major.

One thing I didn’t know, after you’ve had a tracheotomy reversed you do throat farts for a while. Very special.

Now I’m late for work.

30 Jan 2006, Comments Off on My dad’s a lawyer!

My dad’s a lawyer!

Author: Helen

It really sucks that schools, like, discriminate against boys by making them listen and hand in work and do community service and tests and shit? I mean, that’s what girls do.

What we need to do is give boys higher marks for the same work, my Dad says so and he’s a lawyer. Kind of like that aff…affirmaf…affirmath action thing what we hate, except we don’t cos it applies to us boys.

Amanda at Pandagon and Aunt Twisty are kind of mad about it, but I don’t care about those feminists. And they use big words like “Gloucesterise”. Haven’t I just said I’m not into that studying and reading shit? No matter, I’ll just call them shrill.

Majikthise is supposed to be good on this kind of stuff – he’s a guy, isn’t he? so he must have a better idea.