Tags: feasibility study

OK listen up. I’ve got a brilliant idea to replace the whole Melbourne public transport system, which badly needs replacing, with a steam powered network. That’s a Twentieth century solution you cynics, cos we’ll use biomass energy. Yeah! Wood chipped from the city’s unnecessary parks to run the thing. Stop scoffing. Except for the water taxis down the Yarra (we’ll pour disinfectant in). They’ll be pulled by swans. Hundreds of swans. And a few cockatrices.

Think of the tourist dollars. Think of the untold profits to the CementMix corporation which is proposing to build the infrastructure.

Feasibility study???!!! Pah! There ain’t gonna be no steenking Feasibility study. No! it’s the right thing to do to make a decision. And the decision is to go ahead, so everyone working on this project now won’t be saying, will we do this, will we do that? They will be working to make this a reality.

People who talk about “feasibility studies” are just pansies.

Ha ha! Hahahahahahah!