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4 Jan 2009, Comments (6)

Holiday Reading

Author: Helen

Down Under Feminists Carnival

While I’m still too busy doing other things, check out the latest Downunder Feminists’ carnival, brought to you by Stephiepenguin.

Oh, and in other news, Exploding boy finds my blog. I’ve been told.

I don’t believe in interbreeding, myself. We need to preserve the Aryan race. That’s what I think.

…Actual conversation at the annual Christmas party of the Eartha Kitt Memorial Dog’s home and Cattery. She’s a relatively recent starter, has been there about a year. Has young children but looks all of twenty-one, bubbly, pretty, enthusiastic like a golden retriever. She’s already done and said one or two things that make me go “hmmm”.

Yeah, I know some people think it’s a bit shocking. Hitler. You know Hitler? Well, basically his philosophy. (Deprecating laugh). Well, I didn’t agree with the things he did, of course, but yeah, his philosophy pretty much. The Aryan race has to reproduce itself and not be bred out.

Of course, I can’t talk. I’m a bit of a fuckup myself, my husband’s a Kiwi, my kids are mixed race, so I’ve fucked up there.

I sit, clutching my glass of champagne, staring out over the city and wondering what her beautiful kids would think about being a fuckup. Next to me is R, second-generation Indian Australian. His profile gives nothing away. I’d say he’s been here before.

“So, A. Do you know what Aryan means?” he asks.

“Yeah! It means blonde hair and blue eyes.”

R. turns to me. “Do you know what Aryan means, Helen?”

“Um, well, as far as I know “Aryan” refers to people originally from the subcontinent.”

“That’s right. A: Aryans were asian.” A. looks doubtful, but defers to R, who’s a manager.

This woman doesn’t just work where I work. She lives in my suburb and we bump into each other regularly on the train. Her boys play sport with Exploding Boy.

We change the subject.

I watch the evening sun creeping over the steeple of St Patrick’s. I knock my champagne back and make my excuses.

Exploding boy had his weekly checkup, his first since he had his eye fixed – it was actually a freeze technique, not laser as I’d thought. 20/20 vision in the eye! Eye pressure normal! No further checks until the school holidays! A set of 6 steak knives!

He’s thoroughly over being told how lucky he is. But he is.

Girlchild finished her exams and turned seventeen. Seventeen! How did that happen? I gave her the green light to get some heels, which I’d banned because I didn’t want a kid with deformed spine and joints, and she’d submitted to this graciously. She’s been to Savers now and come back with several pairs of spiked killer heels, in which she stalks beautifully about and towers over me. I think she’s absorbed the concept, though, that they’re a Sometimes thing for parties and things, not for everyday walking about. She still loves her McBalletflats for that.

Some of what I’m reading…

19 Nov 2008, Comments (10)

Update on Exploding Boy

Author: Helen

Boychild went into hospital yesterday for a minor procedure. They had to knock him out to have a really good look inside his eyeball using more invasive than usual procedures, to see if the sticky-up bits they thought they could see were actual sticky-up bits of retina. Which, as it turned out, they were, so they whisked him into theatre to stick the sticky-up bits down with laser.

His dad took him and my workplace is just around the corner, so I was able to come and sit with him as he woke up in recovery. He was in a bit of pain, but didn’t wake up overnight and today he’s as feisty as ever, although taking it easy. The doctor was happy with the result and says he can start to exercise again in a few days’ time. Hoo0bloody-ray- he’s been on enforced idleness, no running / Taekwondo /trampoline / recess games for a month, in case the suspicious bit went sproing.

The scar on his head is doing well, too, although it’ll always be visible.

I’ve written about Boychild’s bravery before. He undergoes all this stuff quite nonchalantly. This is the second time I’ve been in Recovery with him, which is strange for a boy who (touch wood) is never sick. The first time was because he had to have no less than four of his overly crowded teeth out for orthodontic reasons. As he came to, his vital signs monitor was beside him rather than behind him, as it was this time. He asked me what it was for. I told him. Immediately he started hyperventilating in a most alarming way. Nurse came over. “What’s up?” Boychild: “I’m seeing if I can make the numbers change.”

Update on the update: Seeing this post at Dr Cat’s place reminds me we must watch this doco tonight. After all the wonderful treatment we have experienced at the Eye and Ear Hospital so far, we have been billed for… $0.00.

This makes me think of two things.

It makes me very relieved I don’t live in the US, where we’d be trying to find out if and how much the treatment is covered under whatever health scheme our employer had seen fit to give us. If not covered, we’d be looking at extending the housing loan, or selling.

It also makes me ashamed at the difference between Australia’s response to my son’s eye injury and Shahin’s. Remember Shahin? I’ll be watching the documentary and hoping that under this government, we can do better.