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23 May 2009, Comments (7)

Earworm of the week

Author: Helen

From a most unlikely source.

Todas As Ruas Do Amor
Composer(s) Pedro Marques, Paulo Pereira
Lyrics writer(s) Pedro Marques
Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals from the vast Olympiyski Stadium in Moscow, Russia.
Let it put you in your happy place. I’ve been to a renewal of vows (for two people with the health cards stacked against one of them) and a funeral in the last month, and not a dry eye in the place for either. Emotions are raw. This song makes me tear up, but in a good way.

29 Dec 2005, Comments Off on Fun Holiday stuff

Fun Holiday stuff

Author: Helen

Remember how in the olden days, the family would gather round the upright piano and sing along together? Well, we do that, kinda-sorta (will blog on that at a later date.) But these days, with few families owning a piano, your poor overworked PC can take its place. Yes! My eight-year-old has introduced me to a wealth of fun, often with lyrics included, so we’ve been clustered round the Mac singing along. A few favourites:

The Numa Numa song – which is Dragostei din Tea by the Romanian band O-Zone. This one has Eurovision Song Contest written all over it, and that’s not the only good thing about it – it also features the wonderfully un-Idol-ish Gary Brolsma. The linked article is nearly a year old but the flash video is still #1 on the Albino Blacksheep site. We love you, Gary!
This song will stick in your memory cells like Blu-tack to a shoe. You’ll be singing it in the car, in the shower, at Kerry Packer’s funeral. I even found the lyrics, which are sadly far from easy, as they’re in Romanian.

Ma-ia hii, Ma-ia-huu…


Please, someone, I need a ukulele and some quick ukulele lessons! If you’re of a certain age you’ll be thinking of Captain Matchbox and the Whoopee band. And we love the badgers.

I’ve got this feeling, it’s so appealing, for us to get together and sing. sing!

If this is all getting a bit lowbrow for you or you would like to kick back with something a bit more relaxing, modern jazzy or classical, try this music composition generator, Wolfram Tones (via Boynton).

You could also read 16 across, also via Boynton, or The Enchanted Toasting Fork, by Gummo Trotsky and CattyRox .

If you’d rather get out and do something appropriate to the hot weather, here is the best swimming hole I’ve ever found. Only accessible to readers from Melbourne and surrounds, of course. In posting this, I’m assuming that no one who reads the CIB would be the kind of person who leaves plastic bags of Woodstock or Bundy and Coke cans behind. (Quick mini-rant: why, for god’s sake, do the kind of people who do that bother to seek out a pristine and secluded bush place anyway? It doesn’t make sense. And for those who leave plastic bags containing disposable nappies in their wake, would you mind just staying away from these places, full stop?…) OK.

Directions under the fold, after the Numa Numa lyrics.