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26 Apr 2006, Comments Off on Hoist on my own Hills

Hoist on my own Hills

Author: Helen

You’ve heard of the Mummy driveby™ (Sorry, I drop the US spelling on this blog), but here’s the childfree version.

Every mother is a total guilt bucket of course, and one of the marvellous flavours of that guilt is that as breeders, we are total environmental vandals!

It is absolutely true that children = environmental pressure, but as the Australian human population is below replacement level, I can usually maintain that form of guilt at a manageable level.

D. caught up with me as I was sitting in the laundrette giving my washing load a bit of a toast. Because although I use my clothesline and clotheshorse extensively, as the days draw in and the evenings get cold and we just can’t get the boy and do the evening bread-and-milk run and still be home in time to get stuff off the line before it all gets clammy…And sometimes these days it even rains! (Hooray!)…I still need to fall back on the dryer to get the job done completely.
Image from http://www.ozbird.com/oz/OzCulture/oz_culture/optimism/default.htm

-So, what are you doing here?
-I’m doing a load of drying. (Thinks: Nothing to do with the fact I can sit and read in a warm place, uninterrupted… honest!)
-Oooh! (giggle), I don’t use the dryer, I use the clothesline!

Well, what can I say to that? If I replied “well, perhaps it’s something to do with the fact I’m washing for four and you’re washing for one”, which is just the bleeding obvious, I’d be putting shit on her single status and sounding like Teh Smug Married Bore. Which I am always careful not to do.

So I just had to suck it up, didn’t I.