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9 Jul 2008, Comments Off on School holidays still ongoing

School holidays still ongoing

Author: Helen

Can someone please tell me why Brendan Nelson is always being given column- and air-space lecturing Kevin Rudd how to conduct himself in various matters of state? Why should we care what he thinks? It’s so embarrassing!

Young Brendan, on the ABC:

Now he’s actually going to be able to eyeball these people, and he ought to be a human blowtorch and put direct pressure on them to actually commit to a global response to climate change.

…and, and, (waves toy glow-in-the-dark Jedi sword), he should shoot them all and go Peeiw! Peeiw! …Aaaaaaaaaghiiiiie!)
*Strikes imitation Ninja pose*

However, young Brendan wasn’t really sure how tough that blowtorch should be, and he suddenly realised where he was. Putting on his grown-up voice:

But it will be an act of environmental suicide, an act of economic suicide, if Australia were to be so far in front of the world implementing an ill-considered, not yet put properly developed and tested emissions trading scheme, if we haven’t got a genuinely global response.

OK, so be a blowtorch to your people, but don’t actually do anything that might upset anyone.
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