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22 Nov 2004, Comments (0)


Author: Helen

Of course, this post is way overdue, as everyone else has already gone “Aaaaaaaaaarggggghhh!!” days ago over this.

First it was Chris Sheil, perhaps Feministe… now it’s Gummo… and maybe even the truly awesome Jeanne D’arc..

Surely this is the final death knell for the social darwinists. Isn’t the worst who are supposed to drop out while the fittest survive?

However.* Clouds, silver linings, etc. I was getting worried at the sheer quality and quantity of good stuff I was discovering in the blogosphere, what with my blog reading time being finite and all that. I can’t even read blogs on my lunch break any more, as we have a stupidly overzealous firewall which brings up “Block Pornography!” for all the best blogs. (It does it for Andrew Bolt though, and everything in the Herald Sun, so I guess it does have some taste.)

So I’ll have some time for the new ones I’ve discovered. For instance, how did I blog this long without discovering Darp Hau? Philobiblon? Echidne of the Snakes? Burnt Karma? Not to mention quite a few fine blogs already on my blogroll I’ve been neglecting due to the burgeoning talent everywhere.

The blogiverse is infinite, grasshopper. Just wish my day was.

*Sorry Chris. How ironic, to transgress your rules of blogging in this post. I did feel a However was called for there, however. Oh! That’s another one…