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20 Jan 2009, Comments (6)

It’s all excitement around here

Author: Helen

The other day, I was pegging out some washing and saw Ollie scratching himself on a piece of trellis which is holding up a jasmine vine. I didn’t take much notice, and then someone said, “oooh, look at Ollie. I think he’s been stung by a bee.”

He had turned into a Shar-Pei.

17 Nov 2007, Comments Off on Bucket!


Author: Helen

It’s shameless self promotion time.

We have a new family business: Meet Mr. Bucket.

It’s SO’s new business. For months, our study has been filling up with cardboard boxes of T shirts. SO has been feverishly screen printing, sewing on labels and churning out swing tags. I’d say the T shirts are sweatshop free, but that’s not strictly true- he is the sweatshop. He’s diversified into hoodies, and Mr Bucket BBQ aprons for that hard-to-buy-for uncle, Dad or partner.

Mr Bucket T shirts come in an ice cream bucket, maintaining the bucket theme, so they make interesting presents.

We’ve also had a new addition to the family, Mr. Bucket himself, the six-foot-plus mannequin (he’s no dummy), who lives with us when he isn’t working. Here he is at the Rose Street Market, in Fitzroy, where he goes every Saturday from 10 to 5. When he isn’t there, or in the shop window of the Village Idiom in Yarraville, he stands just inside our front door, frightening the living shit out of me every time I come home forgetting he’s there.


If you can’t make it to these places, don’t despair, because you can always order one from the Mr Bucket web site, or on eBay. The t shirts come in a variety of mens and womens’ styles.

And then, to be topical, there’s the Vote Bucket campaign.

Protect Australia – Vote Bucket

We don’t know how far this thing is going to go, but it’s growing. SO is certainly enjoying the ride.

11 Sep 2007, Comments Off on We’re selling ours on eBay like normal people

We’re selling ours on eBay like normal people

Author: Helen

If those wacky, zany Christian fundies aren’t hatching plots to bomb folks, they’re selling off their daughters.

Warning: One of these items is not true.

(Hat tip to the alien who put tentacles to keyboard on this LP comment thread.)