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23 Oct 2009, Comments (3)

Friday earworm: Dan Sultan

Author: Helen

I heard this on Music Deli a while back and my hair fairly stood on end. It’s been my number one earworm and consolation over a fairly trying too-busy-to-blog couple of weeks.

Here’s the only YouTube of this song I can find, and unfortunately the audio is shit. Imagine this song with wonderful sound, starting with a clean, hair-raising blast from that horn section, and go off and buy Homemade Biscuits. It’s as if Wilson Pickett came back to life as an Australian and joined the Saints.

This song should go in the Pool room along with Know Your Product, Eternally Yours, and other iconic Australian indie foot stompers.

Dan Sultan is releasing another album at the Espy Gershwin room on November 21. I hope he’s still using that horn section.

4 Sep 2009, Comments (2)

Friday Earworm: Pete Murray

Author: Helen

The boychild introduced me to this singer. I’d heard of Neil Murray, but not Pete Murray.

I can’t work out whether this one is my favourite, or this:

I love the way the rhythm section flies in the chorus.

That natural voice, sitting pretty in the natural range, with a bit of breath, no meslisma and pyrotechnics: Idols please note.

10 Jul 2009, Comments Off on Friday Earworm: Other peoples’ earworms, and other interesting things

Friday Earworm: Other peoples’ earworms, and other interesting things

Author: Helen

My earworm of the week has been Near You by Dwight Yoakam. But I can’t find a YouTube for that, so I’m posting links to interesting youtubes other people have found lately.

Pavlov’s Cat links to a chilling piece of Southern Gothic by Bobbie Gentry. I’m loving the set design. The little guitar is interesting. Words and chords here.

Boynton shows us Masterchef, 1941. One of those young gels is going to have to do a pressure test, for sure.

And Tigtog gives us a typical hospital emergency scene, featuring doctors who are, er… very highly… trained.

Update: How could I have forgotten this? Erk. Double erk. But as Barista would say, “strangely compelling“.

26 Jun 2009, Comments (2)

Friday Earworm: the Ute

Author: Helen

EJ Ute artwork via EJ and EH Club QLD

I should be putting up something of Jacko’s…but I can’t go past this.

6 Jun 2009, Comments (9)

Saturday Earworm

Author: Helen

Because Friday was too busy.

I think it was Anne O’Dyne, or perhaps Caroline, who first pointed me to this lovely YouTube of Mike Rudd in the Olden Days.

I remember listening to that song when it first came out and riding our grey mare for hours down just such country roads, alone with my thoughts (or my friend Nicky) and the sounds of the crows and magpie song and the creak of saddle leather. The coolest boys at my high school looked like Mike.

Some of the roads I rode down have kerbs and gutters now. You can never go back.

Words and chords here – the chords are all over the place, but they’ll allow you to work it out for yourself.

12 Sep 2008, Comments Off on Friday Earworm

Friday Earworm

Author: Helen

I’m trying to start Girlchild off on guitar, so I asked her to give me a list of songs she liked to sing so that I could look them up and get the words and chords.

Here’s one she came up with.

Here’s the lyrics and chords. I took them for a cranberry-esque Irish band at first, but they’re from Texas. The bridge is quite creepy in a Flowers in the Attic kind of way, but do I understand what it means? Hell no.

Gorgeous harmonies. Girlchild will have to wait, though, because there are a few too many chord changes for her. And I don’t like F chords for beginners. They are a bey-otch.

1 Jan 2008, Comments Off on Happy new heatwave!

Happy new heatwave!

Author: Helen

Happy new year everybody!

Here’s a clue to how we are today on the first day of 2008:

Or maybe this:

But this has been my earworm since yesterday.

Well, that’s one of my new years’ resolutions out of the way– learn to embed Youtube into my blog. Now I’m off to the couch, to lie limply about watching DVDs about cold places and hope for the cool change. The dog is lying about in unaccustomed places, flat, as if poleaxed, wondering what has happened to the world.