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9 Jun 2005, Comments (0)

More ratbags with horses

Author: Helen

This is a dead-set public service.

I read Andrew Bolt’s online forum, so you don’t have to!

No, that’s not entirely accurate. I have read Bolt’s forum and while it was a good laugh once or twice, I don’t have that much time to waste.

One of its features is the number of crawling, sycophantic posts from various Bolt supporters. You know the kind of thing, they all read like “…… publishing facts rather than …fictitious rhetoric he is used to reading. … Keep up the great work. Adam.” And stuff along those lines.

But my eye fell on an especially prostrate post from a young gel obviously smitten by Andrew (Must do something about that eye-falling-out-on-things problem sometime.)

From: Riding

Comment: Good Evening, Have you thought about changing the name from your Forum to the Andrew Bolt Soapbox? It’s everybody’s chance at 15 lines of infamy. Anyway, to climb up there for my own self…I was thinking about how the the left got riled after the last election over the Australian majority choosing low interest rates over more foreign aid, mandatory detention of illegal immigrants over open borders to refugees and disincentives for dole bludgers to stay out of work over easing the poverty of the long-term unemployed. I couldn’t help thinking that we don’t have Howard’s Australia, but Australia’s Howard. It seems like the whole world has changed since I wrote to you a while ago when I was on the Student Union. Now I’m out of the leftist echo-room, which it absolutely is, and thinking of what the next step would be if the progressive left changes ever came to pass and it’s making more sense to be a bit conservative. But I still think that reading your work is like watching Muralidaran bowl his doosra. It’s a very unique spin and love it or hate it, it’s a mind-boggling pleasure and you can’t look away. I’d be very interested in knowing if you’ve turned your hand to poetry at any point. Be well .

Andrew replies: I grew out of poetry -or it spat me out – before I turned 20, although some publisher wrote to me only a couple of weeks ago to threaten me with republishing one of my pieces. The only poetry I now read for pleasure is the work of the Tang dynasty poets, such as Wang Wei.

Well, wang something, anyway.

Don’t you love the “be well”?

Now who have we heard of who is a keen equestrienne, used to be one of the editors of Farrago, and thinks Andrew Bolt is a bit of all right? or is someone out there having a lend?