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5 Dec 2008, Comments (22)

Friday Chocolate drops

Author: Helen

This was the most terrible, horrible, really bad day. (Warning: Swear alert.)

I jumped off the train in the city and rode up the escalator… with… my shoulders strangely light. Uh oh. My backpack with my wallet in it, with my car keys in it, my cheque book in it, my life in it.

That morning I get a call at work from girlchild who’s been rung by someone called Emily with a mobile number. Apparently she has my backpack. But I call and call all day and every time it goes to voice mail. Why? Why would she do that? Anyway, my workmates gave me lunch and hugs and a travelcard. I love them.

And as usual, Connex excelled themselves in not giving a fuck. Note to the Attorney-General if you’re reading this, as I know you do of a Friday evening: If any disaffected youngsters are thinking of going the abandoned backpack-bomb route, I can tell you Connex don’t give a royal shit about ownerless backpacks reaching Flinders street. Just saying.

I still don’t know what’s going to happen. All I want is to crawl under the doona and cry, but girlchild’s friends are all coming to have a birthday sleepover and I have to make with the fucking Mrs-coping-Mum.

I definitely am going to need some chocolate tonight (and girlchild has a Brunetti’s cheesecake.)

14 Jun 2008, Comments Off on The balcony Carnival of CRN

The balcony Carnival of CRN

Author: Helen

Image with permission from Chris Clarke

One for sorrow.

Go away, I’m grumpy. Creek Running North has closed down.

So, I thought I’d have a Carnival of Chris here on the Balcony. If there are any other habitual CRN readers who are sobbing under the doona or about to go out to buy some more chocolate or Shiraz, come and reminisce with me.

Reading Creek Running North was an exercise in scale. Chris likes to mix stories of human or doggy life cycles against the impossibly huge changes of the life cycle of the earth, from ancient upheavals to climate change in the 2000s, manifested in the ancient places he visits and studies. The sublime and the ridiculous. From any page, scroll down to see Chris’s categories. Here are some quick links that I like, but it doesn’t scratch the surface…

The same river twice. The beavers are not amused.
A Gaze blank and pitiless as the sun lightning, desert fire and loss.
The year we lost the Deserts. Fire is something we south-eastern Australians can relate to.
The deceptively named Comfort Food.
What’s Liberal about the Liberal Arts ( PDF) – famous and much linked to.
The Lanehogger.
Funny. But some of his poetry, like Sciurus Niger, will have you crying buckets.
His feminist ally writing. Here’s an example: On rape, privilege and being seen.
And of course, Zeke.

Goodbye to CRN. I’ll look forward to whatever it is Chris does next. Chris, thank you.

OK, leave me alone now, unless you’re bringing chocolate.