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20 Oct 2005, Comments (0)

Choice, mate!

Author: Helen

I just saw a Catalyst program on intelligent design.

Brendan Nelson: “It’s about choice, reasonable choice.”

That word again. What with WorkChoices and all, “choice” is becoming the Orwellianest word of this decade. There’s a poll on the Catalyst site, “should ID be taught in science classrooms?” Go there and add to the No vote, for your kids’ sakes. Or if you’re not going to have any, just do it to give Brendan the shits- it’s worth it.

It was interesting to see “The Wedge Strategy”, the document circulated by the Discovery centre, an anti-evolution think tank. You can find it here. It’s like a conspiracy theory, only real. Unfortunately. This is the DVD the Discovery institute’s using as the thin end of the wedge. Keep an eye out for sightings in your local school or library.


Now I’m going to write to Brendan Nelson demanding equal time for the Pastafarian interpretation of the origins of life on earth.