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13 Apr 2008, Comments Off on Babysitter?


Author: Helen

From the AGE, “Heckler” section, Sunday, April 6.

Babysittin’ Man

…There were shades of one of [Damon] Runyon’s classic stories – Butch minds the baby – at Collingwood Football Club HQ the other day when Mr President Eddie McGuire recognised a large, earless, tattooed man with a small boy.

Eddit tossed babysitter Chopper Read a bag of Magpie merchandise to keep Read junior occupied…

(For the benefit of un-australians, Mark “Chopper” Read is a local bad boy who has attained some notoriety as a crime writer and entertainer. )

The AGE has been reporting regularly – in its news and opinion pages – on the push for parental, maternity, and paternity leave. My recommendation, for what it’s worth: get rid of ‘maternity’ and ‘paternity’ and use ‘parental’ in all documentation and legislation to do with leave to care for babies, and let the parents work it our for themselves. But clearly, some of the paper’s staff hacks (there is no name attached to the piece) are still living in the good old days of Harry the Horse and speakeasies.

Has anyone else heard people using the word “babysitting” to describe a father looking after his own children lately?