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30 Jan 2006, Comments Off on My dad’s a lawyer!

My dad’s a lawyer!

Author: Helen

It really sucks that schools, like, discriminate against boys by making them listen and hand in work and do community service and tests and shit? I mean, that’s what girls do.

What we need to do is give boys higher marks for the same work, my Dad says so and he’s a lawyer. Kind of like that aff…affirmaf…affirmath action thing what we hate, except we don’t cos it applies to us boys.

Amanda at Pandagon and Aunt Twisty are kind of mad about it, but I don’t care about those feminists. And they use big words like “Gloucesterise”. Haven’t I just said I’m not into that studying and reading shit? No matter, I’ll just call them shrill.

Majikthise is supposed to be good on this kind of stuff – he’s a guy, isn’t he? so he must have a better idea.

…oKAY oKAY!!

I know Flute and Lefty and even Mark Knight of the Hun have been all over this one already…

I’m SLOW, orright?! I’ve launched the new Slow Blogging movement.