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11 Aug 2007, Comments Off on Blogwarbling


Author: Helen

BlogWarBot: I’m BlogWarBot. Didn’t we ban you?
Cast Iron Balcony: How dare you ban me!
BlogWarBot: What business is it of yours?
CIB: THat’d be telling.
BlogWarBot: Typical. An expression of ignorant privilege.
CIB: OK. admit it. You’re Obby, aren’t you?
BlogWarBot: You keep using that word Obby. I do not think it means what you think it means.
CIB: A name, you dope. Or rather, a nom de plume.
BlogWarBot: I sense an argument from authority coming on…
CIB: You say that like it’s a bad thing.
BlogWarBot: In your dreams, jerk.
CIB: Admit it, you are Obby, aren’t you?
BlogWarBot: I know you’re Obby, but what am I?
CIB: Or maybe the Bird?
BlogWarBot: Gah. Enough with the nuance fetish!
CIB: “…”
BlogWarBot: Come on, I could be looking at Cute Overload.

Go here to play.

3 Jul 2007, Comments Off on Cute Overload in lieu of actual post

Cute Overload in lieu of actual post

Author: Helen

I’m off on school holidays looking after Boychild. Posts may be sporadic, anything can happen – try to contain your excitement. The dormice certainly are. I may be posting over here – Tigtog has kindly asked me and other Guest Hoydens to do some guest blogging at Hoyden about Town, so that may happen. Or not. Depends. On what? I’m not sure. Stuff.