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27 Feb 2008, Comments Off on Don’t Fuck it Up part 1

Don’t Fuck it Up part 1

Author: Helen

When I turned my newspaper page to the Fed News yesterday and saw the new Steering committee for the PM’s 2020 summit, and I saw 10 blokes staring back at me from the composite photo; all of whom were white Anglo, Irish, Welsh or European types, except for one (Kelvin Kong)… and one woman…

…that’s one woman plus ten men, not one out of ten…

Do you think I felt sanguine about the immediate future of our nation in terms of the directions it’s going to take with this steering committee steering it?

The selectors’ idea of “get[ting] as broad a range of people as possible” was including opposition ministers. D’oh!

And the one woman included, and I’m sorry, and I know how bright and hardworking Cate Blanchett is, but she’s a bloody actor. And. Did you notice that the linked article in the online version of the AGE is not in the News section any more, but in the Life and Style section? Don’t tell me that means nothing.

Other people have noticed.