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23 Sep 2007, Comments Off on Liveblogging my tax return

Liveblogging my tax return

Author: Helen

1:25 PM: I always have problems with the question on page 1: Will you need to lodge an Australian tax return in the future?

Jeez, I dunno. I always tick Yes, because I intend to be still alive and compos mentis and employed next year. But who knows if they’ll be around to lodge an Australian tax return the following year? Life is precarious. What if I’m knocked off my bike (that’s assuming I get on it enough to be knocked off it) under the wheels of one of the B-doubles that our new local MP won’t be banning from our local roads? What if I have a massive great haemorrhage or an unfortunate car accident and I’m in a persistent vegetative state?

Unfortunately, the only options are binary, or rather, quadrinary. Yes, no, don’t know, and last return. There is no text option for long philosophical discussions.


2:00: Do you think I’m being too anal putting $460 in the Supplementary section against Personal Services income (PSI) for occasional services rendered to Tess Mckenna at the Brunswick Green?

2:18: 20% Tax offset on net medical expenses over the threshold amount

You’d think they’d find it in their hearts to put in brackets what the threshold amount actually is.

Murphy’s law says I’ve managed to lose the booklet for the supplementary section. A search on the ATO website for “medical expenses threshold” comes up No pages match your criteria.

4:15: Abandon the Deductions for now. I’ve done everything else on the Tax return, now for middle-class welfare family tax benefit.

Spouse details:
Spouse number 1

Dear God, how many am I supposed to have? Surely one’s enough.

The garden needs a water. This is NO WAY an attempt to procrastinate.

Tomorrow for sure.