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11 Apr 2006, Comments Off on Easter eggs and Nazis

Easter eggs and Nazis

Author: Helen

Image from http://www.king5.com/localnews/stories/NW_022206WABhateeggsJK.530609dd.html

Almost Easter, and the chocolate eggs and other paraphernalia have been in the supermarkets for about two months already.

Irrelevant digression: We’ve come to accept that Easter is now a Festival of Chocolate; I love chocolate; no objection to eating easter eggs. At a stretch I’ll even accept chocolate bunnies and bilbies. But why, for the love-of-god, must they try to flog wheelbarrowloads of non-Easterrelated lollies with it? I’m talking about the easter packages which will include, for instance, one large egg and a surrounding nest of mini chocolate bars or individual chocolates. And all the un-egg-shaped chocolate and mallow stuff. Why is there need for all the extra chocolate items when we’re already going to be climbing the walls with chocolate poisoning?

Irrelevant digression #2: I didn’t know, until I took a training course last year, that “easter egg” is a word for a little bonus which bored developers put into applications you buy. For instance, if you follow these steps in Excel 97, you’ll get a flight simulator.

Anyway, back to what I was going to blog about. No matter how annoyed you are by the ubiquitous chocolate egg, you won’t be half as annoyed as the Washington citizens who woke up to find “words of hate and pornographic images… Plastic Easter eggs loaded with obscenities.” Read more of the story at Orcinus.

The egg layers were, of course, neonazis and the victims were local Hispanic residents. It’s instructive that at a time where antiterrorist hysteria is at its height, where everyone fears the terrorist with a dirty bomb and passengers are searched to the Nth degree at airports , the authorities’ reaction to these containers – because that’s what they potentially were – was so relaxed, it was falling over.

But despite the messages, police say the only crime is littering.

“At this time, we really don’t have much. We have littering. They have a right to free speech. There’s not much we can do … We don’t have any suspects,” said Tumwater Police Det. Jennifer Kolb.

This is contrary to some of what we’ve been told: If there really were pornographic images, then there certainly may have been charges related to that, since these were left on families’ lawns. It’s not a free-speech right to distribute pornography to minors.

Yeah, maybe this sort of behaviour is just offensive, but I can’t help but feel that the parents of the children in those local streets would have found neonazi “Easter Eggs” threatening. Maybe it’s just because I’ve read this story by Saki.