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12 Jun 2007, Comments Off on But this cheered me up again

But this cheered me up again

Author: Helen

Mainstream media discusses bloggers without insulting them or being patronising! Is this a first?

Twice! In one weekend!

First there was an article in the Saturday AGE featuring Stephanie Trigg, who listed some of her recommended blogs– Pavlovs Cat, Geoffrey Chaucer hath a Blog, Grannyvibes (Spinning Tumor) and Ask the Bronte Sisters (spelled “Bronti” sisters – tsk) got a mention.

Then in the Sunday magazine there was an article on craft bloggers (Warning – PDF), featuring Poppalina (Shula), The Elegant Sufficiency
(Stephanie Wood, who wrote the article), Six and a half Stitches (Alison Brooksbank) and others.

Youse is all legends.