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31 Aug 2005, Comments (1)

More ghastly stuff

Author: Helen

that didn’t quite make the front page…

In California, there’s a new Creationist trial (yep, the C-word, not just intelligent design, the stalking horse of the Noughties). Hawaiian blogger The Questionable Authority writes

It appears that yet another creationism-related lawsuit is in the works. This time, the venue is in California, and it is the Creationists who are doing the suing. Apparently, the Association of Christian Schools International and Calvary Chapel Christian School of Murietta are no longer satisfied with being able to teach their students creationism instead of real biology. Now, they also want to make sure that their students will not have to suffer the consequences of this decision, and they are suing for that “right”.

The University of California System, quite reasonably, requires that the students that they accept have a certain educational background. Several courses, including biology, offered by Calvary Chapel were determined to be insufficient to meet the UC standards.

Read the whole thing, and the post after that. Via Guambat Stew.


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Meanwhile, on the other coast, Joe McCarthy – sorry, Joe Barton – of the House Committee on Un-American activities, sorry, House Committee on energy and commerce — is demanding an investigation into the background of climate change scientists. Not all climate change scientists and pundits, mind you– just the ones that think climate change might be human-related and therefore might threaten the doctrine of eternal growth and energy consumption.

And no, Peter, I’m not being anti-American. We can come up with world class idiocy ourselves, can’t we.