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26 Feb 2006, Comments Off on SuperBarbieMom!


Author: Helen

Picture from http://www.management-issues.com/display_page.asp?section=blog&id=3028

Sometimes, I get the feeling that a lot of people don’t really get the whole women working, work-life-balance thing.

Poking around the other day, I discovered Management Issues (at the heart of the changing workplace). The linked article is describing the new action figures made by an adult toy company, Happy Worker.

These 6-inch plastic action figures are the brainchild of Happy Worker, a Toronto-based company making “toys for big kids”. Each comes equipped with fun accessories, superpowers, and vulnerabilities – just like the real thing.

BossMan: “Leading a crusade to reach objectives he empowers, implements change and captures mindshare…”

GeekMan: “With oodles of brain power he authors code, battles tech holy wars and moves nerdom to new heights…”

MoneyMan: “Focused on ROI and the bottom line he fights for free enterprise and keeps working capital at work…”

Now, says Happy Worker’s Shirley Yee, “we created SuperMom for everyone who’s trying for that near-impossible balance of managing kids and work while standing on their head.”

Got that, ladies?

BossMan, GeekMan, and MoneyMan are all doing Real Stuff, while anything SuperMom may be doing isn’t mentioned, since the mere fact that she is able to get to work (hampered as she is with doing all the Mom work) is considered enough to constitute her whole identity. She is defined by being a Mom, and nothing else, even though she’s got the suit.

No tech holy war or change implementation for her. No wonder there are plenty of other articles like this on Management Issues.

I respectfully suggest that BossMan, GeekMan and MoneyMan may turn their huge abilities to share the load with SuperMom. Then we might find out what she actually does for a living.

…Update: Oh, and the 9th Carnival of Feminists is on now.