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(For Mallrat)

Like Kath and Kim, the eldest sprog and I were breezing aroung Hoighpoint recently, on the 13th of Nov to be precise (yes, this is relevant). I was appalled to walk into Big W in search of teeny gear and be confronted with the full-on Christmas nightmare. Decorations up, Musak on, and all the poor bloody shop assistants forced to work in drag as Santas and Elves.


Look, I’m not a religious person, but I still have some vestige of feeling for Christmas as a family holiday, first and foremost a time to spend with your nearest and dearest, a necessary punctuation to the working year and time to catch a breath and reflect. This madness would spoil that feeling for me even if I thought they were sincere in their stupidity. But these retailers piss on that definition of Christmas. Not to mention the reprimands and sackings which would be inflicted on wretched casual staff who refuse to humiliate themselves by dressing up in Elf or Santa drag.

Bah! Humbug.


Yes, Santa delivers toys from his flying sleigh, but our boys in the Air Force deliver death from Above! (Via Cap’nWacky.com)