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15 Sep 2005, Comments (0)

Imitating the BAG

Author: Helen

Yikes! Did this photo in the morning paper shock you, too?


The ghastly face, drained of colour– Philip Ruddock has looked better on a good day. Photographed from outside the car window, he appears to be sinking into darkness.

BAGnews notes would have a field day with this one. See the reflection on the car window which runs past Latham’s shoulder? This photo has been cropped– the one in the paper showed the reflection much more clearly as a suburban street. This is poignant given Latham’s appeal to the outer suburban voter and his determination to embrace that part of the culture. It also gives rise to various visual puns – A bad reflection on him?… A reflective moment?…

Latham’s face is also ghostly grey in contrast to the bright, fiery orange reflection; it’s as if he is fading from the world.