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27 Oct 2007, Comments Off on Acca Dacca is the new Schubert: a Miscellany

Acca Dacca is the new Schubert: a Miscellany

Author: Helen

Last night we were watching the ad for bottled salad dressing in which the main character complains that his grandma makes (eww!) Devilled Kidneys! As opposed to his mum, who makes salads drowned in nasty sugary delicious bottled salad dressing.

Me: “They say that like it’s a bad thing.” ( I have to say I don’t eat liver or kidney much any more, because of thinking too much about how they’re filters for toxins. But I have fond memories of offally deliciousness.)

Boychild: “Mum! You’re so old.

…And Dad’s so old, too. He was playing AC/DC on the car radio yesterday!”


And here I was thinking that the music teachers at his school were so progressive and all, giving them Highway to Hell and TNT to learn for the school concert.

I’m ashamed to say we were watching Friday Night Download, which really was a worthless heap of shit, except for this Japanese potty training clip.

Boychild also disapproves of this weekend’s listening, Mia Dyson’s new CD Struck Down, and I’ll Kill Her, by Soko (thanks to Zarquon at LP.)

Thirdcat is also feeling like a relic of the 80s. Us old farts rock, I say! (and you’re still younger than me, Thirdcat.)

5 Mar 2007, Comments Off on Let’s hear it for Michael

Let’s hear it for Michael

Author: Helen

He’s a US army major with a plain face and a buzzcut up to there. He’s the epitome of someone I wouldn’t expect to like. But ever since, back in 2004, I saw him on TV saying “I will not abandon David Hicks”, I’ve loved Michael Mori.

It’s with complete disbelief that I’ve listened to him on news reports, vigorously criticising the US trial process and the system at Guantanamo… and Mori was an army guy, with a buzzcut up to there, and I couldn’t believe he was saying such stuff. And over the years I’ve asked myself the question, “how can Mori go to bat for David Hicks and stick it up the US military judicial system with such passion, and avoid persecution by the system itself?” because it seemed impossible that he could get away with it. Especially the other day, when I heard him on the ABC really tearing the US authorities a new one over the trumped up (his words), retrospective charge of “providing material support for terrorism”. Woohoo! You go, girl.

And then the other day I turned on my car radio, and of course, my question was answered.

At Gitmo, they’re making sure that no act of courage and integrity goes unpunished.

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