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7 Feb 2007, Comments Off on We need Parental leave. And we need it now.

We need Parental leave. And we need it now.

Author: Helen

This is why.

Pain is not seeing your bear all day. In the morning she’s feeding as soon as you get up, and resting between feeds as you leave. You get home, it’s evening, she’s feeding. After, she’s asleep. Then she wakes after a good sleep. Sleep is good. You change her, you hold her to comfort her. She looks at you like ‘you’re the guy who used to be around all the time but isn’t any more’ then wriggles and cries until mum takes her off you. You go to bed. You get up in the morning, she’s feeding, you pull on an iron-free business shirt, button the cuffs, understand why people buy lottery tickets…

…The pain is like having an oxy-torch going inside your intestines.