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29 Oct 2006, Comments Off on More on THAT cat meat comment

More on THAT cat meat comment

Author: Helen

Let’s get this straight right from the get go: I am not an apologist for Sheikh Al-Hillaly. But neither am I going to sit idly by while the usual suspects start up with their concern trolling.

Concern trolling is a behaviour we all know and love. A common example here is when right-of-centre commentators, who either couldn’t give a stuff about womens’ issues or are actively antifeminist, suddenly come over all concerned about the “treatment of women”, specifically by Men of Middle Eastern Appearance. They then claim that “feminists” are “silent” on this topic because they’re muzzled by their leftie inability to criticise any other culture.

I say bollocks.

Not only because Muslim men and women across the land reacted immediately, superbly, to tell this guy to pull his head in and to say he did not speak for them.

Because if you think Mr Hillaly-sack-of-shit is Robinson Crusoe in his blaming of rape victims for their lack of womanly modesty, or insufficient body covering, or simply being out of the house between sunset and sunrise in the wrong place without a male escort– and his obscene and hurtful language– then you simply haven’t bloody well being paying attention to the utterances of a whole lot of non-muslim men – and women, I have to add. In the mainstream media, on the internet, on buses and trains, wherever people gather and have an “aint it awful” session about this and that.

(As Kaz Cooke once pointed out, nurses, schoolgirls and nuns are going about in garb commonly used in porn fantasies and other “naughty” narratives. The hussies. They only have themselves to blame.)

“Yes, but she shouldn’t have been out at that hour, dressed like that,” (or alone, or drunk, or whatever), is a much-loved staple of Australian / English / US conversation as much as it is in Iran or Turkey. Some people think that you shouldn’t claim “equivalence” between someone like Bishop Hollingworth blaming a rape victim and the Sheikh’s much more extreme comments. Bollocks to that, too. Hollingworth is just better educated in a Western background, and better able to couch his sexism in a form that won’t frighten the conservative horses.

If you don’t think the Judeo-Christian traditions have any form in treating women as unclean instruments of Satan, as Daryl Kerrigan would say, yer dreamin’. The same day, there was a report on a new Victorian survey on attitudes to violence, including sexual violence, and the release by Werribee schoolboys of a DVD of them sexually assaulting and urinating on a young girl. And it’s well worth reading this excellent recent essay on Orcinus on the growing misogyny of the Right and its relevance for non-Muslim society.