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And when they came to the place where the wild things are,

they growled their terrible growls

Two dogs, Ollie and Maggie, playing


16 Jan 2008, Comments Off on Doggie report

Doggie report

Author: Helen

He doesn’t have a name. His first owner was in the Army and was deployed to Iraq. He went to her father, who didn’t want him, then to another family who to all accounts was fairly clueless and couldn’t keep him.

Boychild will brainstorm names today.

I feel for these shunted-around dogs – he’s needy and clingy. And holy Christ on a cracker, he STINKS. The first thing he did was to go out to the back yard, find something dreadful and roll in it. People with boy dogs, please tell me this is first-time settling in behaviour. Please!

Urine on floor in morning: None.
Poo on floor in morning: None.
Shoes or other posessions destroyed: None.
Growling sessions with Maggie: 1. Dogs appear chilled now.
SO’s reaction: Cautiously positive. If humans sniffed dogs’ bums, he’d be doing it.