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9 Jul 2008, Comments Off on School holidays still ongoing

School holidays still ongoing

Author: Helen

Can someone please tell me why Brendan Nelson is always being given column- and air-space lecturing Kevin Rudd how to conduct himself in various matters of state? Why should we care what he thinks? It’s so embarrassing!

Young Brendan, on the ABC:

Now he’s actually going to be able to eyeball these people, and he ought to be a human blowtorch and put direct pressure on them to actually commit to a global response to climate change.

…and, and, (waves toy glow-in-the-dark Jedi sword), he should shoot them all and go Peeiw! Peeiw! …Aaaaaaaaaghiiiiie!)
*Strikes imitation Ninja pose*

However, young Brendan wasn’t really sure how tough that blowtorch should be, and he suddenly realised where he was. Putting on his grown-up voice:

But it will be an act of environmental suicide, an act of economic suicide, if Australia were to be so far in front of the world implementing an ill-considered, not yet put properly developed and tested emissions trading scheme, if we haven’t got a genuinely global response.

OK, so be a blowtorch to your people, but don’t actually do anything that might upset anyone.
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20 Oct 2005, Comments (0)

Choice, mate!

Author: Helen

I just saw a Catalyst program on intelligent design.

Brendan Nelson: “It’s about choice, reasonable choice.”

That word again. What with WorkChoices and all, “choice” is becoming the Orwellianest word of this decade. There’s a poll on the Catalyst site, “should ID be taught in science classrooms?” Go there and add to the No vote, for your kids’ sakes. Or if you’re not going to have any, just do it to give Brendan the shits- it’s worth it.

It was interesting to see “The Wedge Strategy”, the document circulated by the Discovery centre, an anti-evolution think tank. You can find it here. It’s like a conspiracy theory, only real. Unfortunately. This is the DVD the Discovery institute’s using as the thin end of the wedge. Keep an eye out for sightings in your local school or library.


Now I’m going to write to Brendan Nelson demanding equal time for the Pastafarian interpretation of the origins of life on earth.

21 Sep 2005, Comments (0)

Pure photographic Gold

Author: Helen

Student Union (“amenities”) fees at Melbourne Uni… Between $78 and $392 / year.

Student Union fees at Newcastle University: $254- $360 /year.

Tricking Brendan Nelson into being in your shot as you photograph two friends holding up an anti-VSU placard: Priceless.