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23 Dec 2005, Comments Off on Christmas post #2

Christmas post #2

Author: Helen

Hey! Another day, another killer image. I’ve put it under the fold, since I don’t have my patent JPG-shrinking kit at home.

And, hey! Laura at Sills Bend’s given me a Christmas present!


Thank you very much, Laura!

*Sings, loudly and off-key* Whoa, the flaaaaaame trees will bliiii-iiiind a weary driver…
Family (all together now): “Shut up!!”

Laura has been working her fingers to the bone knitting iPod cosies, helicopters, speedboats, Flame trees and dim sims for all of us. I won’t try that, because for one it would be copying her idea, and for another, the task would daunt me and then I’d look all daunted. And I’d be sure to leave someone out by mistake. But I’d like to thank all the bloggers in the bloggiverse, and send them Christmas greetings.

The Melbourne bloggers (and a few out of towners) who I have met and had a drink with.
All the bloggers I’d liked to have met and have a drink with. (Next year!)
All of you who have read and commented on the Cast Iron Balcony – or just read. Thanks all of you!
RWDB bloggers who stayed away.
Bloggers, anywhere, who…
Have educated me.
…who have inspired me with their humour and / or their photos.
…who have saddened me with the things that are happening in their lives (and made me feel grateful for the good things in my life).
…who have fascinated me and led me to fascinating things.
…who have blown me away with the quality of their writing.
…who have taken the time to debunk some of the crappy things that are put out by the mainstream media, and even (shock) academics!

I wish you all peace, love, plenty of seafood and lots of quality time with the people you love. Try not to deck the halls with boughs of holly Uncle Arthur with a BBQ fork when he starts up the rightwing rant. Remember: Youse is all legends.