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29 Sep 2005, Comments (0)

We need more draconian laws!

Author: Helen

C’mon, people…

They‘ve killed 261 people in Victoria in 2004, and already killed another 264 in 2005, to date. More, by the time you read this.

High school kids seem to be particularly vulnerable – even babies and toddlers aren’t spared.

They killed 522 in NSW in 2004.

The annual body count to the end of February 2005 was 1558 for the whole of Australia (for the 12 months March 2004-February 2005).

So you can see the threat is real. We have to take this seriously. This is unacceptable!

…Oh, sorry, you were talking about terrorists? I meant cars.

Carry on, then.

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10 Nov 2004, Comments (0)

Now the other body count

Author: Helen

After the election– the US one, that is…

According to the Possum, who has been monitoring this site, a flood of updates to this DoD casualty list suddenly appeared after the US election. the Possum says:

Notice the long delay in posting releases. I
just checked and they just got up to 28 October. Right after the US
elections they released the flood of casualties beginning 10 October
stretching through to the 18th.

How to read this stuff …

The US Marines indicate only that their people died “as a result of
enemy action” (sensible policy, that). Note how many died in al Anbar
province (mostly that’d be Falluja).

The US Army is much more forthcoming and the detail they provide helps
align US casualties with individual incidents reported by IRR. Since
this inevitably provides “aid and comfort” to the Resistance, I’d think
they’ll soon be reviewing their policy to bring it into line with the