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5 May 2009, Comments (8)

The Clade

Author: Helen


Pronunciation: ˈklād : Function: noun : Etymology: Greek klados

: a group of biological taxa (as species) that includes all descendants of one common ancestor.

Many of you are familiar with Chris Clarke, US environmental writer and all-round awesum blogger.

If you like his stuff, you might be interested to know he’s started an environmental blog, The Clade.

It appears it’s not parochial to the US or California. When I went there just now, the top story was from South Australia!

When you’ve finished looking around that site, read this – it’s beautiful.
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24 Jun 2008, Comments Off on What are the odds…

What are the odds…

Author: Helen

…that when Boychild did his ukulele number in the school music concert last night, the kid immediately before him (guitar*) would belong to a well-known Melbourne blogger (and a regular read of mine?)

I tell you, *waving arms*, what are the odds, people!

*Epiphone, cherry red vintage style copy. Guitar playing bloggers- Shaun? Jack? eat your hearts out.

21 Jan 2007, Comments Off on Cruising through a sea of stones

Cruising through a sea of stones

Author: Helen

Can you guess what this is?

Image from http://yacht-maiken.blogspot.com/2006/08/stone-sea-and-volcano.html

A relative of mine, for whom no urban myth is too crazy to forward an email on, sent me a beautiful photo essay. I was sceptical, but this story turns out to be true according to Snopes.com.


The photo essay is from the blog Fredrik and Crew on Maiken (Maiken is an oceangoing yacht). The “beach” is a floating layer or raft of pumice, rained down on the ocean by an active volcano nearby.

After Fredrik and blogger Hakan Larsson saw the floating stone beach, they witnessed a volcanic eruption and the birth of an island. A local news report is here.

Lying on it with an umbrella drink might be a tiny bit uncomfortable this century, though.