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14 Nov 2005, Comments (0)

So who’s going then?

Author: Helen

After the last National Day of Action, for which I and the rest of the ten or so who make up the unionised part of our workplace marched down to the CBD for fully two hours, I got an email from the Medium-big-boss. Not a sacking kind of email. No, more of a more-sorrow-than-anger kind of email. I am really disappointed in you.
Yeah, that’s how it’s done around here. We’re a nice workplace. The MBB will occasionally take us to lunch if we do good, or the Big Boss will do a barbeque. And they react to union bargaining like disappointed parents discovering the kids have taken to smoking crack. They don’t like EBA’s, either.

This week, the emails started again.

Any employee attending the day of protest will face dismissal, unless they advise management beforehand…

Oh aye, that makes me feel relaxed and comfortable, all right.

So what did I do? Did I stand up, march into the BB’s office and yell, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more. And I’m going on the **@#$ day of action! For all the good it’s going to do.”

No, I did what any spirited, red-blooded, socialistic mum with a mortgage would have done. I wimped it. When I heard most of the boy’s teachers were on strike and we would have to keep them home on the NDA, I applied in indecent haste for a day’s annual leave on the understanding that it was to look after the innocent child who would otherwise be wandering the streets.

And if I happened to take him into town for an educational visit – the Immigration Museum, say– forgetting completely the NDA was on, and happened to bump into the CPSU…

We get to keep our jobs, for now. Most of us are lucky enough to be “knowledge workers”. But we shouldn’t get too complacent. Our leave was approved (after a long and meaningful pause), but names have been taken.

See you in the CBD.

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