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11 Nov 2006, Comments Off on Gig Guide

Gig Guide

Author: Helen

Saturday Arvos in November
Brunswick Green hotel,
313 Sydney Road
All ages, free
Image from www.tessmckenna.com

From tessmckenna.com:

The brunswick green is where all great tours really should begin. fast becoming known as the place to see & hear some of melbourne’s finest songwriters & musicians including such local luminaries as charles jenkins the joelenes & the vile reign of count mccocula in the 17th dimension

Back 23 tour band
Featuring the wests own sly & robbie with former member of buick kbt & direct from a super sized cameo with mrs. Wainwright the skin doctor helen shapiro smart on drums & introducing on bass krush
Bringing it all back home like a metronome

….may we add that this is an experience almost completely forgotten in other cities but treasured & nurtured at the brunswick green hotel
313 sydney rd, brunswick
Tel 9 381 2413

Back23 tour – “my aim is to attempt 23 dishes”
After the residency was confirmed by the good people of the brunswick green tess made this comment about the tour
” well i think it’s high time these puppies had an airing.
We will be offering the occasional cover & even a sneak preview of some new material. But my aim is to attempt 23 dishes”

Yes direct from beilong

….Tess mckenna plays 23 songs from her back catalogue at the brunswick green hotel
….Tess’ songs not so much stripped back but more like sandblasted to reveal a classic three piece interpretation, Bass drums & guitar

…Beautiful courtyard
Sure there will be sad songs but they will be beautiful
There will be light & shade with the occassional cover & usual light hearted banter you’d expect after a couple of relaxing drinks in the beautiful courtyard which is to be found at the brunswick green hotel
313 sydney road brunswick
All ages welcome
No charge/
Enjoy local music at it’s finest
& the kitchen serves up tasty delights too

Buy CDs here (Boom Bam, Take me to the Place, Make me Wonder)