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22 Jun 2006, Comments Off on Oh, Frabjous day!

Oh, Frabjous day!

Author: Helen

Callooh, Callay…

Barista’s back. With a really cracking post on his near-death experience. Go and read.

Although it will only be a really frabjous day when he’s fully recovered.

I can’t really blog stuff like Abu Ghraib, because others do that sort of thing much better. But I think this post by Long Story, Short Pier (via Barista) really sums up what many of us are feeling.

At the moment. The current juncture. This place where we’ve found ourselves. My fingers get all tangled up in the keys and when I pound the desk in frustration it makes an ominous croak. I can speak well enough, though I have to make an effort to keep my voice down and all my jokes are brittle and if I’ve snapped at you in the past few days, it’s not your fault, and I am sorry. Sometimes my hands curl into fists when I’m not looking. It’s not that I really want to hit anybody because I’ve never hit anybody in my life but I want to hit somebody only that wouldn’t do any good, not any good at all. And it’s not the people who did the things they’ve done that I want to hit. It’s the people who say that what was done was okay, was fine, was what we’d all do anyway, was the American way, was gay feminist pornography, was what has to be done to get anywhere in this world, was nothing more than they deserved, was no big deal, was free speech. And I want to call them monsters because they are saying monstrous things but I can’t call them monsters. I can’t hit them. I can’t snap a baton against the backs of their knees and force them to kneel in fear before a snarling dog for the horrible things they’ve said, that they pretend I ought to believe. I can’t put hoods over their heads to shut them up. I can’t hit them. I can’t pretend I am better than this by pretending they are less than human because that’s how we get into these messes in the first place. ….

Go and read the whole thing.

Then the Nick Berg thing. And I was driving home when the ABC newsreader said something like: The beheading of Nick Berg has taken the heat out of the Abu Graib torture scandal. And sure enough, soon afterwards I read a quote from George Bush who now felt vindicated– there, you see, they have revealed their savagery, so we’re not so bad after all and we can keep doing more of the same.

That’s when I knew we’re all doomed.

MacDiva is wondering what happens when we lose our heads; not for the squeamish.