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30 Mar 2007, Comments Off on Outsourcing Environmental policy to Indonesia

Outsourcing Environmental policy to Indonesia

Author: Helen

Image from http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/03/12/1078594569985.html

So, Malcolm Turnbull and his boss the Rodent have suddenly come out with this policy to pay $200m to encourage developing nations in the southern hemisphere with significant rainforest, such as Brazil Australia and Indonesia, to stop logging them.
So why am I not giving credit where it it appears to be due? Why am I, an erstwhile Green voter, not planning to vote Liberal at the next election because of this excellent Librul forest policy? Why am I, instead, full of bile and spleen and whitehot rage?

Mr Turnbull says a global response is needed and the $200 million project will be used to plant trees and reduce illegal logging in South-East Asia.

Including Australia? Oh, wait…

“The funding will go, given the nature of our geography, will largely go to South-East Asia,” Mr Turnbull said.

“The biggest deforesters in the world or the places where the most deforestation of tropical forests is occurring are in Brazil and Indonesia, they’re the top two so naturally our focus is going to be on our part of the world

Our part of the world? C’mon Malcolm, you can say it: Our part of the world includes… yes… US!

but we’re not limiting it to that.”

Geez, Malcolm. You think that when you announce a policy of spending hundreds of millions to buy out the logging industry, it might not be appropriate to APPLY IT TO THE FEW HUNDRED PEOPLE WHO ARE CLEARFELL LOGGING THE REMNANT OF OLD GROWTH FORESTS IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY? YA THINK??

Sorry for the shouting.

The truly awesome Bernice Balconey (no relation) and Aussie Bob have more facts, with less spittle.

(Thanks to Enemy Combatant of LP for the post title).
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