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17 Jul 2007, Comments Off on Apologies to cat bloggers

Apologies to cat bloggers

Author: Helen

In ancient and even not-so-ancient times people used to compare their political leaders to lions, or other large and magnificent beasts.

More like a fat and motheaten moggie, one of ours plays that cruel and well known game: Catching the mouse… letting him go… then pouncing again.

The object of this political theatre of cruelty has a three-week-old daughter who he hasn’t yet seen. His family is beyond angry.

So are we.



Looks like Colin Barnett of the W.A. canal project has an idiot twin in Victoria.

Apologies to the Monty Python team.

Dennis More, Dennis More
Dum dum dum Marina
Dennis More, Dennis More
Dum de dum dum Council Permit
He digs dum dum dum
And dum dum dum dee
Dennis dum, Dennis dee, dumb dumb dumb.