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6 Aug 2005, Comments (0)

Please Talk Gooder

Author: Helen

Message to whoever is issuing the press releases about the Space Shuttle: Please, people! I know youíre excited, but there is still some requirement for English to be used in a way people can understand. Heard on the ABC news Wednesday morning:

ìUsing his bare ñ albeit heavily glovedóhandsÖî

The possibilities are endless once you get into this sort of semantic territory. ìMílud, in this rapistís defence, this woman was walking down the street completely nude ñ albeit under thermal longjohns, tracksuit, burqua, parka and raincoat..î

ìMmmmÖ Shameless!î

and in the same news report, we had a cross to an American voice referring to ìThe hacksaw, which of course he had in his arsenalîÖ Lucky we didnít have one of those sudden outages the cash-strapped ABC often gets with its overseas live crosses before this sentence finished, otherwise the photoshop gurus of the Ozblogosphere would have had a field day.

Of course, press release writers could learn to rite good if they went to this wonderful University (via Barista).