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4 Mar 2006, Comments Off on Punchbuggy


Author: Helen

I’m sitting in traffic with the girl-child, fourteen (god help me) by my side. With no warning, I get a punch on the arm.
“Punchbuggy! Orange!”

This is my introduction to the arcane car game of punchbuggy. I don’t remember it from the old Hillman-and-kingswood days of childhood; I assumed it was another American import. Actually, it seems to be a Canadian thing, and there is an Ottawa band called Punchbuggy.

If you’re the first in the car to see a punchbuggy (VW), you can punch the person next to you. Then you “claim” the colour: eg: “Punchbuggy, green!” Now green is “out” and no further punches are allowed for green punchbuggies. I’ve been in trouble with S.O. for claiming that, for instance, sky blue and cobalt are two different colours; he says that’s cheating (and drove the point home thereafter).
“Punchbuggy, different shade of white!”

I’ve been in trouble with the boy, too, for claiming Porsches and Karmann Ghias as Punchbuggies. Kombis, Golfs and Passats are allowed,but girlchild reckons kombis are a kick (“Kick Kombi!”) Sometimes we drive past a VW dealership and I’m black and blue on those days. But what would you say for a VW like this one?

Photo from here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/, which is a very weird site. And no, it's not my boychild.

“Punchbuggy, coveredinmirrors!”?

And how many years of bad luck would that bring?

(Note – that punchbuggy is next to the Yartz centre on the Maribyrnong in Footscray – not as hopeless a place as some would have you believe.)

The Balcony risks VW censure by publishing this image of a VW. This guy got a cease-and-desist letter. (Via Barista.) VW are inexplicably savage about using images of their car. Inexplicable to me, because it’s usually done with so much love, even with the VW’s rather murky origin.

Lovers of Kombis will get much joy here, too.