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24 May 2008, Comments (7)

Mream Reamed

Author: Helen


(or, as I found out when I had my PA look it up, Maribyrnong river edge artist’s movement)

Thank you for spending thirty years helping to build Footscray riverside precinct’s hip, funky ambience. Now it’s ripe for us to move in and take over. Thanks to your cultural events and all your hard work, we’ll realise a greater profit when we’ve taken your artists’ studio and converted it into dozens of hip and happening apartments for the upwardly mobile. Great work!

Hoping you can find some nice accommodation, somewhere like, well, Braybrook. -Hey, drop us a line once you’ve made Braybrook hip and happening, ay? Love your work!



MREAM studio, with the iconic mirror bug

Update 2/6/2008: Von from Mream writes:

If you want to support MREAM artists please come to our exhibition at FCAC, opening Thursday 5th at 5 pm.
Or else look out for our final sales and exhibition in July.

Just the thing if you need birthday or wedding presents, or are otherwise in need of art.