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Author: Helen

This page is a stub – I’ll format it more nicely once there’s enough stuff here to make it necessary.


Alpine Grazing Taskforce report, 2005


provocation&INDEX FINAL


Gonski report

Shane Maloney’s Scotch College speech

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  • Caitlin Prescott says:

    Dear Helen,
    The National Library aims to build a comprehensive collection of Australian on-line publications by identifying and archiving online publications that meet our collecting scope and priorities. Information about PANDORA, Australia’s web archive and access to archived titles can be found on the Library’s web site.
    If you could provide an e-mail address and a contact name to discuss archiving your web site that would be greatly appreciated.
    Yours sincerely,

    Caitlin Prescott

  • Anna says:

    Hi Helen,

    Just wanted to speak to you briefly about the women’s development organisation One Girl and our campaign this month called ‘Do it in a Dress’. The campaign is focused on raising money to provide schooling and access to sanitary pads for girls in Sierra Leone. We’re looking around for bloggers like you that might be interested in writing about it- have a look at http://www.doitinadress.com for more info.

    Please feel free to send me an email: media@thebraveryishere.com. We’d love to hear from you.


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