12 Apr 2013, Comments (3)

Friday Earworm and gig guide

Author: Helen


Throwing this post up late, but Tess and the Shapiros are playing at the Union Hotel in Brunswick, this Saturday night (13th), 9-11.

Tess hasn’t advertised this one, perhaps because it will feature a lot of new material from the Bob sessions at Pure Pop, where, you will recall, <>Tess recreated the Times they Are a’Changin album as part of the Summer of Classic Albums series.

This is one of the songs we’ll be doing.

Tess’s version sounds nothing like this.

This has song has haunted me especially in the days since Thatcher died. Seems downsizing and outsourcing wasn’t invented by the neoliberal 80s but they certainly took that ball and ran with it.

They say in the East that they’re payin too high
They say that your ore ain’t worth diggin
That it’s much cheaper down in South American towns
Where the miners work almost for nothin

Substitute “China” or “Special Economic zones” for “South American towns” (except it wouldn’t scan) and change the miners to people who make things, and nothing’s changed.

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  • zoot says:

    On a similar note, I finally got around to reading “The Grapes of Wrath” a year or so ago. I was shocked to realise the attitudes to labour that Steinbeck described in 1940 are still rampant today.

  • Helen says:

    Zoot, yes.

    (WordPress, what is it with you putting all me old mates into the mod queue?)

  • John Waldsax says:

    If that is true how come you are all buying so many Mercedes and BMW’s? They are manufactured by some of the highest paid workers in the world.

    In Stuttgart and Munich they don’t “Water the workers’ beer” but pay for it!

    Blinkers off now team!

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