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Gig Guide: Tess does Dylan

Author: Helen

Last month, as part of the Pure Pop Summer of classic albums series, Tess performed Bob Dylan’s 1964 album The Times They are a-Changin‘ in it’s entirety. (I didn’t get an outing due to one person who is trying to keep Pure Pop out of the live music business, so no drummers allowed there at present.)

Alt Text here

Text: Tess McKenna performs Bob Dylan’s classic album The times they are a-Changin’ – Featuring the Shapiros, Helen Smart, Karen Rush, Drew Hancock (Native Plants).
Sunday 10 February 5 pm
You know how it is, you go to all that trouble to learn all that material, might as well give it another run. I like the way Tess and Bob are giving each other the side-eye in that poster.

Come along, it’ll be a blast.

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