Archives: December 2012

Down Under Feminists Carnival
DUFC #55 is brought to you by Kim of News with Nipples. Kim celebrates the way in which criticisms of misogyny and sexism have been front and centre in the media this year, rather than given a free pass as usual, and even Tony Abbott has had to try, in his own grotesque way, to give the impression he’s on board with feminism. There’s movement at the station.

As usual, there’s a fascinating collection of the posts that you loved in the month just gone, together with a whole lot of goodness you might have missed. Off you go!

The next Down Under Feminists Carnival is planned for 5 January, 2013 and will be hosted by Chally at Zero at the Bone. The submissions form is here. If it doesn’t work for you, send submissions to chally [dot] zeroatthebone [at] gmail [dot] com.