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Down Under Feminist Carnival #53 and #54

Author: Helen

Down Under Feminists Carnival
Another double header because I’m terrible-

Carnival #53 (October) presented by Bluebec: Bodies, families and parenting, LGBTIQ, politics, racism, feminism, media, violence and some personal blogging, with bonus Judy Horacek.

Carnival #54 (November) brought to you by Stephie Penguin: Harassment, sexuality and society, Gillard (and That Speech), Ada Lovelace day, women in media, Performance and art and bodies, families and motherhood.

DUFC #55 is being curated by News with Nipples. The theme is “the future”. Submissions via the carnival page, or via email at newswithnipples at gmail dot com.

Normal blogging should resume on the Balcony very soon.

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