24 Sep 2012, Comments (2)

Le Chien qui Fume: Help Fine make a movie!

Author: Helen

Le Chien qui Fume – A Smokey Life. from Liz Burke on Vimeo.

If you were a reader or writer at Larvatus Prodeo you’ll remember Fine – with the adorable whippet avatar. Blow me down but Fine isn’t a whippet at all but a filmmaker. This Pozible page is raising funds to make a feature film, Le Chien Qui Fume (The Smoking Dog).

We’re raising finance to produce a preview/trailer for this feature film. We’ll then use that preview/trailer to showcase all the elements of the film and approach financiers, to raise the money for the feature.

We know we need to produce a high standard trailer to convince potential funding partners that our concept will work. The money raised will go into minimal cast and crew costs, location and catering fees, art department and post-production. We can make a great preview/trailer for this money. So, please come along for the ride.

Follow the link above for more info on Fin… er Liz Burke, Donna Rae and Michael Vale. Here’s the Facebook page. And please, kick a few dollars in for the Smoking Dog.

And, blow me down again (and I’d only just got up again and dusted myself off) when I watched the little promo vid, who should pop up but that ubiquitous and brilliant pair Dave Graney and Clare Moore, who I’d just been to see play at the Newport Substation, where they blew us all away. They’re doing the music for the movie. Quelle Coincidence!

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  • Fine says:

    Hi. Just checking in to thank Helen for this post. It’s greatly appreciated. Mindy has given us some money, which is absolutely lovely. So, thanks Mindy. We’re getting very near our goal, but if someone wants to chuck us a dollar, it will be appreciated. I’m also learning a lot about crowdfunding, which is a nice skill to be developing.

  • Mindy says:

    Got the email today to say that it is funded! Yay Fine, well done, looking forward to seeing the trailer.

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