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Down under Feminist Carnivals #50 and 51

Author: Helen

Not only is it nearly the end of August and I still haven’t signal boosted the August Down Under Feminist Carnival, but I’ve neglected to link to the Fiftieth Month-aversary in July. Get out the rotten tomatoes! *Ducks*

Down Under Feminists Carnival

The 51st DUFC for August 2012 is brought to you by the Conversationalist with a theme of “personal positives”.

The Carnival was on a bit of a hiatus for May – July 2012. July 2012 can be found at A life Unexamined (The Fifty Month – aversary edition). Theme – Gender and Essentialism.

With all that reading, you’ll probably need to chuck a sickie or two.

Cover art for Kate Seredy's The Good Master. A boy and a girl on horseback gallop up to a gate. The girl gets there first and opens the gate without dismounting.

I also have a new post up at Hoyden as part of the Childrens’ Book Council of Australia Book week.

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