30 Jun 2012, Comments (7)

You know what’s going to happen now, don’t you?

Author: Helen

Picture of a Mayan temple with words 2012 DOOMSDAY
There’s a hilarious discussion over on Facebook between my niece, former officeholder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and her friends.


Friend 1: I’ve used my $160 from the gubbament to construct a rudimentary shelter from the carbon. That’s what it’s for, right?

friend 2: Am I to understand this Carbon Tax will tax me a vital organ per month?

I’ve already had the smarmy letter from our electricity purveyor:

The variation follows a review of Neighbourhood energy’s costs and mainly reflects the impact of the Australian Government’s Carbon Pricing mechanism and Neighbourhood energy’s increased operating expenses.

Of course the red mist is supposed to descend after “Carbon Pricing mechanism”, obscuring “increased operating expenses” AKA “Spending on infrastructure we got away with not providing when the SEC was carved up and privatised and which now is going tits up on a massive scale.

This is my prediction. Thousands upon thousands of businesses will take the opportunity to jack their prices up and blame the carbon tax. The increase will be out of all proportion to any real cost increase the carbon tax has caused. Then the Herald Sun and various other mouthpieces will come out to say “see, we told you so!”

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  • Ann ODyne says:

    1. clever niece 2. yes, exactly. 3. and the euphemisms slay me these days. In the UK a bank has swindled customers and it is being called ‘mis-selling’ FFS.
    Here it is ‘The variation follows a review ‘ – variation? oh! they mean RISE, INCREASE, GOUGE.

  • Jess says:

    Spooky, I also predicted that prices would rise and carbon tax would be blamed… I suppose if Tony Abbott got rid of the Carbon Tax the prices would go down again? hmmmm

  • Mindy says:

    Apparently you can dob businesses into the ACCC if you think the rises are out of all proportion – for example in a butchers shop things should only be going up about 1c a kilo, according to what I have read.

  • Helen says:

    Yebbut my take on it is that there will be too many all at once for the ACCC to cope with.

  • It’ll keep the ACCC amused for years, Helen.

  • I note, on looking out of my window this morning, that the sky has totally failed to fall (although Adelaide is covered by an ugly grey lid of cloud – perhaps that’s as bad as it gets?)

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