19 May 2012, Comments (2)

Black and white weirdness

Author: Helen

Buzzfeed.com has a page called 50 Unexplainable Black and white Photos. It’s a tour de force of WTF, but it lacks one thing: captions! Here are some of mine.

Woman sitting in a parlour or sitting room, wearing nineteenth century clothes, black veil and boxing gloves

Laetitia's parlour seemed to be safe enough, but Hermione was taking no chances.


Naked woman on couch gazing at a seated skeleton

Georgina was unused to men being resistant to her charms. Brian was somewhat more of a challenge.

Little boy aiming a large toy (we hope) gun at a little girl, who is smiling happily. There is a bird cage on the ground between them.

Tyrone's behaviour on playdates had been a cause for concern for some time.

Woman with a headless male body and several heads arranged on a shelf

Celia's lovers always knew to quit when they were a head.

Woman in C19th costume in ornate room with a man in old fashioned diving costume

Their relationship went deep. Very, very deep.

Witch-like female figures dancing around two dead (?) female figures

The Young Liberals could just imagine what the University union women's department was up to with those so-called "discussion groups".

A woman sitting on a bed with a bear behind her

"Help me to bear up," she prayed. Unfortunately, her guardian angel was Neville, patron saint of the hard of hearing.

Two women in late C19th or early C20th dress sitting on a barrel with the words "We should Worry"painted on it

Gay marriage threatening patriarchal notions of traditional marriage? Say it with me...

If anyone has other suggestions for these or the other photos on the buzzfeed page, let ’em rip!

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  • Kim says:

    bewdiful. Have u come across the website, unhappy hipsters? very funny. So funny I have been forced to comment using my so-called smart phone.
    Which if it is smart, we’ re fucking doomed.

  • Kath Lockett says:

    Love ’em – you should get Mr Bucket to release them as a series of greeting cards!

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