5 May 2012, Comments (0)

Liberals see sense! Opposition Spokesthing gives excellent reason to cut Defence spending

Author: Helen

On Thursday, Liberal senator David Johnston (WA) was on PM giving his hearty approval of budget cuts to Defence.

“It’s time we stopped allocating so much of taxpayers’ money to the military and started spending a bit more on the kind of infrastructure that would make our society worth defending. The transition to renewable energy and combating climate change is our most pressing challenge right now, not invasion by some unnamed menace or joining the latest Boy’s Own Adventure dreamed up by the US.”

Ha ha, did you believe that? I joke, of course! He actually complained quite a lot and said it was “a slap in the face for Defence”. Then he said

…(A)t a time when Australia’s maritime security – as we all know with the boat people scenario, and as we all know with oil and gas exports, coal exports and minerals exports – is utterly dependent upon maritime security.


You’re saying that if we processed asylum seeker claims with refugees living in the community, instead of adopting ever more bizarre and expensive offshore “solutions”, and stopped selling dirty brown coal to China, and didn’t sell uranium to India, we wouldn’t need to spend so much on Defence as well?


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