8 Mar 2012, Comments (2)

Happy International Women’s Day!

Author: Helen

And boo to Pru Goward. (H/T Someone whose identity I’ve unfortunately forgotten on Twitter.)

This year, ActionAid, which is a non-profit aid organisation formed to fight poverty and promote the rights of marginalised people, has created a new campaign around IWD focusing on violence against women. They’ve created this infographic, which they encourage you to share via your preferred social media. (It’s large, so I’ve put it after the jump…)

The infographic embed code is here. While you’re there, check out the things ActionAid are doing as allies of marginalised people and women especially.

As the graphics tell us, intimate partner violence is everywhere. It’s not – as the last few decades’ wave of xenophobia would suggest – peculiar to any nation or culture.

Sadly, recent reports into ipv have found that it’s on the rise where I live. Social media such as Facebook reveal the misogyny that still rules in many circles. Gen-Y hasn’t changed radically in this regard, so the transformation of society by feminism which is always touted as “gorn too far” or “done and dusted, so shut up”, really hasn’t had as much of an impact on patriarchal values as many people think. Even in the so-called developed world we still have a long way to go.

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  • Kath Lockett says:

    ….dare I say that Pru Goward seems to wax and wane on various issues depending on what her own needs are at the time….

    Hoyden had this graphic too. Not very comforting reading.

  • matilda says:

    Today, labour day, one of my facebook ‘friends’ who are chiefly political activists, has posted “sluts are the new black douchebag”. Should i find this offensive? Because i do.

    Meanwhile, sleazy Age online offers us pix of Jessica Simpson (i don’t know, either)”pregnant and nude”. Does it make me a prude for thinking that a serious news source with A-B demographic should get out of the gutter? Because i’m not.

    Happy Labour Day to all genuine feminists! A dying breed.

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